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6 Reasons to Love Your Loyal Customer
pet professionals loyal customers with kennel software

While we advocate that marketing your products and services is important to a growing brand, providing a great customer experience to returning pet parents should come first!

For pet care professionals, word of mouth referrals account for more than 60% of new customers. Your amazing customer service is the best way to ensure that pet parents will want to recommend your business to their friends. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest your time in developing customer loyalty:

A Loyal Customer…

1. A loyal customer will spread stellar testimonials to their pet owning friends.

They will become advocates for your brand with their pets as evidence of a job well-done. Their testimonials can be quoted on your website and the direct referrals will turn into more revenue for your business.

2. A loyal customer’s reviews can trump a critic’s negative review.

Loyal customers are known for comprehensive experiences. They are seasoned customers that will have multi-layered insight on your operations and therefore are more equipped to write an all-inclusive review than a pet parent who just drove by or a 1st time customer.

3. A loyal customer will have no problem following and engaging with your social media pages.

They will be happy to “Like” your Facebook will boost your exposure in the online community and enhance your credibility with potential customers because they will be able to quantify by the amount of “Likes” how much your customers love your pet business.

4. A loyal customer will help you improve the quality of your service.

Loyal customers will be a regular source of feedback on improvements because they are familiar with how your facility operates. This has dual results because not only are they going to be making helpful suggestions, but they will not need much assistance. This frees up your time to get to know new customers and their furry counterparts.

5. A loyal customer will spend more than the average customer.

Their visits to your facility will feel so routine that they will convince themselves that your services are worth the price even when times are “ruff”. They won’t have to think twice about the new services and promotions. They will probably be excited to treat their dogs to something extra and be the first to tell their friends about it.

6. A loyal customer can turn a staff error into a positive.

If one of your new employees makes a mistake, loyal customers will not hold that against the brand in its entirety. They are more understanding than other customers because they have already been impressed by your facility’s performance level in the past. These customers are less likely to complain because they will not want to ruin the routine. In fact, they are more likely to rave about how well your business handles a bad situation.

Many pet resorts will use their kennel software to enrich the pet parent experience. They give them the ability to book online, provide Pet Health Records customers can access from home, share notes about the pets’ stay and even use it to remind staff members about the pet parents’ preferences. Using pet grooming software or dog daycare software is like feeding two dogs with one bone; it engages customers and keeps staff informed.

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