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7 Ways to Improve the Client Experience
improving the pet boarding client experience with dog trainer software

Happy clients are more likely to refer your business and keep your customer retention levels high. Keeping clients satisfied does not have to be strenuous or demanding of your time. PawLoyalty kennel software provides you with simple features that assist your staff in running your work day smoothly. You’ll have more time than you did before to actually enjoy your business.

Here are 7 simple ways to improve the client experience while simultaneously making your own business processes easier:

1. Provide an Easy Booking Process

Happy Client: An online booking system lets customer book appointments when it’s most convenient for them. This makes a big impact, especially if the most convenient time for them to book is after-hours when you are closed.

Happy You: You don’t need to worry about being by the phone when a customer calls. You don’t even need to be in the office! Cloud-based software allows you to check customer reservations online, which means that you can monitor automatic confirmations or confirm appointments yourself when it’s convenient for you too!

2. Send out Automatic Alerts

Happy Client: Customers, like most of us, are very busy and appreciate you reminding them of upcoming appointments and reservations. Your kennel software automatically generates and sends email reminders on your behalf. The software can customize the amount of days you prefer to send a reminder before an appointment and any vaccination expirations so they don’t get turned away when they show up. You can also contact them through both phone and email to ensure that they receive the message and add a personal touch.

Happy You: Sending out reminders will seem thoughtful. Reminding customers of their arrangement lowers no-show rates and prompts customers to communicate with you in case there are any issues. This helps you to plan and optimize your time by confirming the appointments and gives you an opportunity to up-sell activity packages with the emails.

3. Provide a Quick Check-in

Happy Client: Customers are often in a hurry during drop offs and don’t want to spend the first 10 minutes of their appointments waiting in line while you take care of other customers. Don't make customers wait any longer than they need to. Customers will be happy and maybe even surprised at how your system only takes seconds to confirm their arrivals.

Happy You:
The drag and drop feature of PawLoyalty kennel software is an extremely user-friendly feature that will ensure a quick check-in, a shorter wait time, and an on-time appointment. 

4. Update Clients throughout the Day

Happy Client: You can update pet owners about their dogs’ well-being in several ways. Snap a quick picture of their dog sleeping, eating, or playing and send it via email or text. You can also send them a list of their dog’s activities as well as a food and medicinal report. When customers cannot be with their dogs, it will be a nice surprise to receive a “pupdate”.

Happy You: Updating owners gives your business a personal touch and this will save you time during the check-out process. Customers won’t have to take up time asking you what their dogs did or have to confirm they were given their medication.

5. Provide a Quick Check-out

Happy Client: Customers may have more time at the end of the day to pick up their pups, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tired from work or traveling. Pet owners with separation anxiety will be even more eager to be reunited with their furry companion. Lessen the wait time with the same drag and drop feature for the check-out process. Your dog daycare software is what’s going to trade in the time that might have been spent in the waiting room for time with their dog instead.

Happy You: Check-out is at the end of your work day as well. You don’t want to be at work overtime because customers arrived five minutes before closing and you still have to get through each one. The drag and drop feature makes the process run smoother and any fatigue you have at this point will not have time to affect your customer service.

6. Follow Up

Happy Client: After a new customer visits your facility for the first time, go the extra mile by following up with a tailored email asking them to rate your service or check in on how they thought the dog’s service was. Make sure to let them know that you appreciated their business and hope they will stop by again. If the experience was good, ask them to tell their friends. You might want to add a small tag line to do this, such as: If you enjoyed our service, please tell your friends. If not, please tell us why.

Happy You: Customers like to feel special and receiving a personal email is likely to gain returning business and referrals. Both wins for you! PawLoyalty kennel software integrates with your website and with Facebook. Providing follow up increases the chances that the next time a customer books an appointment with you online, they won’t have to think twice about sharing your business with their network and following your social media sites.

7. Share Quality Content with Your Pet Parent Customers

Happy Client: Once a month, share content that pet parents will love through a newsletter, blog post or email. These can be in the form of articles, pet products, training tips, and health information. Extra credit is if you do not not send the same information to everyone, but rather sort the content you send to your clients by grouping them. Categorize pet parents into the types of dogs they have, for example sophisticated dogs, active dogs, lazy dogs, puppies, or by breeds.

Happy You: Your clients will recognize you as a knowledgeable source of pet information and they will be more likely to follow you on your social media platforms, which will help your marketing strategy and builds customer loyalty.

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These features are all-in-one, which means that you only need one resource to enhance several areas in your business. What is your favorite kennel software feature?

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